Why WordPress or Joomla?

  • Ease of Use
    CMS sites are user-friendly, but at no sacrifice to its advanced functionality capabilities. You can  update your site or blog yourselves, giving you the freedom of control of your site. We also offer training session with all CMS projects to get you up to speed. Because CMS sites use plugins and out of the box templates there is not a lot of extra coding which keeps your cost down.
  • Update your site from anywhere
    With CMS sites, you can update your website from anywhere – as long as you have access to a computer and the internet. Login to your online dashboard and make changes whenever and wherever you please.
  • Open-Source
    The open-source nature of WordPress and joomla! has allowed it to grow and benefit from the collective creativity and knowledge of users and programmers around the world. Both WordPress and joomla! support over 20,000 plugins& modules that extend the platform’s functionality – which allow you to add the functionality you need – including contact forms, newsletters, calendars, image galleries, membership portals, forums, and more.
  • Future Proof
    WordPress and joomla! are both supported by communities across the world who all contribute to their improvement and development. They can also be ‘re-skinned’, which means you can customize an exsiting theme to your company’s branding without actually redeveloping the website. This saves a lot of time when you just want an updated look.
  • SEO & Social Media
    There are various plugins that give you advanced SEO control, as well as the ability to integrate your social media presence into your website for a truly social experience.
  • Scalable & Responsive
    Whether you have 10 pages or hundreds of thousands, performance will never be compromised.  Wordpress and joomla! templates are already created for you to be viewable across all platforms.