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Greg Richardson, CEO

Why Call EagleRock Computer for your IT services?

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What our clients say

Knowing that your IT company has your back!

I love knowing that when we are struggling with our technology, any of our team can reach out to EagleRock and know that help is on the way. It's about customer service and knowing that your IT company has your back. That's what we have with EagleRock Computer!
Tamara Dabels
Fort Saskatchewan & District Chamber of Commerce

EagleRock Computer steps up every time!

EagleRock Computer is about customer service. We are a non-profit agency and EagleRock Computer will look at the most efficient way to solve any IT problem and upgrades to our system. Our employees are comfortable calling them with issues especially now with the remote access in their homes. Something that is very important to our senior management is that when I am away, EagleRock Computer steps up every time and addresses all concerns it does not matter how little the problem it is. If you’re looking for an IT Company to know your business and provide the best service, then I would recommend EagleRock Computer
Linda Marchand
Skills Society