EagleRock Computer is looking to win

by Derrick Ferry for the Fort Saskatchewan Record

Eaglerock Computer may not need a brick and mortar location because much of there services are offered remotely, but they are still proud to be part of the Fort Saskatchewan community.

Having started the company over 21 years ago, Greg Richardson has guided the company through a number of changes over the years.

“Technically speaking we’re known as a managed service provider and we’re also an outsourced IT department for small and medium sized business,” said Richardson.

With five staff members the team has a wide breadth of experience to allow them to work in multiple environments in both the hardware and software fields. Allowing them to aid their clients in any capacity. Whether those clients are right here in Fort Saskatchewan or halfway across the world.

Richardson was not always excited about computers. He did a number of jobs growing up and it was not until he attended a series of night classes through NAIT that he found something that fit.

“We were sort of getting into that programming stuff and doing flow charts, it’s like, wow, this stuff is great. I really really like this. This is awesome. Everybody should take a flow charting course,” he said.

Richardson is aiming the company to be the support other businesses need. He said he likes to be there to fix the problems. Eaglerock can be the stability that any company needs because they always have someone on hand who can tackle a dilemma at any time.

“I have a great staff who our clients love. I can rely on them and they are doing it for the right reasons. To take care of the customer.”

Eaglerock also feels it is important to be involved with the community. Recently they are putting most of their effort towards the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank.

“Through conversations with the food bank we are finding that there are five to six new clients coming into the bank each and every week. Those people are not coming in looking for a hand out those people are coming in and they’re embarrassed. They’re shattered. They’ve already exhausted their resources and they need to feed their family,” said Richardson.

Eaglerock Computer is one of three businesses listed as a finalist for the upcoming Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce awards as part of business week. They are in the running for small business of the year competing with Dogtrix and Funky Petals. The awards take place on Oct. 25.